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Corporate Trade House (CTH) is the General Trading subsidiary of The Corporate Group (TCG) , a fully Emirati holding company with diversified business interests. Headquartered in the UAE, Corporate Trade House brings trustworthy partnerships, market wisdom and an extensive network to the local and international markets. Strongly enabled by technology and constantly evolving to meet the business needs of our customers, Corporate Trade House puts customer delight at the forefront in effecting trade partnerships.

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Corporate Trade House (CTH)  is a leading General Trading Service provider in UAE and the MENA Region. CTH offers a wide range of services, including market research and analysis, regulatory compliance and documentation, and logistics support. CTH has a team of experts with years of experience in the UAE and the GCC market, making us a reliable partner for businesses looking to expand their operations in UAE and the MENA Region.

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Our Core Values

Growth, Integrity, Innovation, Empowerment

16+ Years of Existence

Over the past 16 years, we have advised multinationals and SMEs in 12 business sectors.

How Does It Benefits You?

Our expertise guides you through your business creation process, including statutory, and regulatory requirements, financial planning, and administrative tasks to help you achieve your business objectives

Market Leaders

Our market leadership, efficiency, and ability to tailor solutions to meet your specific needs set us apart from our competitors.

How Does It Benefits You?
We guide you on the most appropriate business structure, depending on your goals. This ensures personalized experiences, offering faster response times, and delivering more relevant products and services

New Ideas & Technology

Our services and processes are reflective of the uptake of technology and innovation.

How  Does It Benefits You?

By having access to real-time data on market trends, and operational effectiveness. We help you differentiate yourselves in the market, attract new customers, and increase your market share

Collaboration & Teamwork

Our strong stakeholder network and regional government relationships grant us credibility and access to useful data about guidelines, rules, and other government approvals.

How Does It Benefits You?

Our advice and advocacy will equip you to navigate bureaucratic hurdles and effectively engage with government entities.

Featured Services

what we offer

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